Soap Bubbles Recipe


These 2 recipes on soap water for soap bubbles have proved successfully in many occasions. The first recipe is the easy one, the second recipe is a little more advanced. The easy recipe is sufficient if it is for making soap bubbles together with the children. The advanced recipe is more suited, if you are going to make soap bubble tricks like you can see on the video.

When the soap bubble solution is mixed, all the foam should be removed. The foam destroys the soap bubbles you want to make. This is probably also the reason why these soap bubble solutions are better a day later.

Lots of things can be used as tools when you make your soap bubbles. Use a piece of thick wire. If the wire is to thin it cannot hold enough soap water solution. This can be solved by winding a little bit of roll bandages around of the wire.

The easy Soap Bubbles Recipe

1 dl detergent

2 tablespoons glycerin

2 L koldt vand


The advanced Soap Bubbles Recipe

1 dl detergent

1 dl glycerin

1 L vand (destilled or rain water)

2 teaspoons baking powder

8 dl Bubbles (færdiglavet sæbeboblevand, kan købes i f.eks. BR-legetøj og Toys'R'Us


For both Soap Bubbles Recepies you just pour everything together and mix gently for 5 minutes. Remove the foam.





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